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« I believe that for his escape he took advantage of the migration of a flock of wild birds. »

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Let me tell you the story of how B612 Planet was born. The Little Prince came into my life when I was a child, and I was immediately fascinated. I was moved by the simple drawings, the self-evident text. I first asked for a poster to hang in my bedroom, then began collecting various foreign editions, finding them as I traveled. My collection was modest but my obsession was obvious! From then on, The Little Prince stayed by my side.

Years later, almost by chance, I was lucky enough to work hand in hand with the Saint-Exupéry estate, helping them to keep growing the work’s reach around the world. The Little Prince, indeed, speaks to everyone, in every language. Caring for one’s rose, taming the fox, looking with the heart … The book’s messages of friendship, of authenticity, of kindness resonate with children and grownups alike.


When I became a mother, I marveled at the refinement of some baby products: a mobile’s sleek design, a fine cotton gauze crib sheet, a baby gym crafted from light wood. Inspired by these discoveries, and convinced that the universal message of the Little Prince can be shared with children from birth, I decided to create a line of simple cashmere clothing, adorned with poetic quotes and illustrations from The Little Prince.

We all want to create a cocoon of warmth and tenderness around our babies. B612 Planet will be that cocoon.

The Brand

B612 Planet was born in Paris, where the pieces are conceived and designed. The cashmere goats whose wool we use roam freely in Mongolia, according to animal welfare standards. We chose to work with cashmere experts, whose invaluable experience with knitwear allows us to offer a range of eco-friendly, high-quality clothing.

The Concept

A collection of just a few pieces, designed with simplicity and comfort in mind to let babies move freely. On each item, a drawing from The Little Prince, a few stars, and a quote by Saint-Exupéry. The sketches are printed by hand on the fabric, and this is why each piece is different.

Each piece is offered in five colors, and the quotes are available in three languages.

In French, English, or Spanish, our customers can find The Little Prince’s words in the language that resonates best with them and their little ones.


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